Attracting Premium Clients With High-Ticket Offers!

Discover the secrets to transforming your business and skyrocket your client base with irresistible high-ticket offers!

Grab your spot now and get all the resources you need to start attracting clients with lucrative high-ticket offers!

Are you ready to quantum leap your business and attract high-level clients with lucrative high-ticket offers?

In this power-packed training series, you'll discover how to leverage high-ticket offers for the right audience in order to scale your business.

Regardless of what stage you are in business, you'll be able to walk away from these sessions inspired by new ideas, new strategies, and a 90-day plan!


Training 1:
From Passion To Profit With Premium Clients

Discover the power of of attracting premium clients with high-ticket offers that communicate value and transformation. Learn how to position your business for upscale growth, fine-tune your messaging for high-level clients and create an irresistible offer that draws in discerning clients eager to invest in your deep work.

Training 2:

The Vision To Victory Blueprint For High-Ticket Offers

The High-Ticket Offer Blueprint takes you through the 10-step process for designing and delivering high-ticket offers that positions you for attracting high-level clients by transforming visionary ideas into actionable, offers that have those who are interested in what you offer investing in what you offer.

Training 3:
The 3 P's To Greater Impact & Income

Discover the 3 P's to transforming your business into a beacon for high-level clients. Learn to escape the feast-or-famine roller-coaster and craft irresistible high-ticket offers that blend digital and the live support high-end clients crave in only 10 hours or less each month!

Bonus Masterclass Training:
Transform Your Business & Income With High-Ticket Offers

Stop undercharging and start upscaling! In this live masterclass you'll be shown the strategies and insights you need to maximize profit potential, be seen as the go-to authority in your field and attract high-level clients.

Are you ready to step through the door of transformation?

It's more than just a shift. It's a whole new way of being.

It's time to take your heart-centered business to new heights with irresistible high-ticket offers that attract premium-level clients who are hungry for what you offer!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to unlock your full potential and experience the life-changing impact of working with premium clients.

Understand The Power Of Mindset

Without the right mindset, all the strategies in the world won't work. Discover how to master your mindset in order to attract high-end clients easily.

Gain Confidence In The Value Of Your Work

Recognize your unique gifts and talents and stand confidently in the value you provide.

Discover The Most Effective High-Ticket Offer Model

Learn the best premium offer model that will allow you to scale your business & work 10 hours or less a month with clients!

Determine The Right Fee For Your High-Ticket Offer

Find out exactly why you need to raise your feels and how to determine the right fee for your high-ticket offer.

Speak To The Hearts Of Your
High-End Clients

Discover the secret to creating copy and messaging that has high-end clients saying "I want that!"

Create Your High-Ticket Offer Accelerator™ Plan

Create a strategic 90-day plan that positions you as the go-to authority and has those who are interested in your offer investing in your offer!

Discover the secrets to crafting high-ticket offers that attracting premium clients... and revolutionize your business & income!

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What Others Are Saying

So happy to report I have added 12 new clients within the first 2 weeks. Oh. My. Word. Thank you, Eva!

Janick Lemieux

I attracted 15 new clients in 3 weeks! Very excited! Much love and gratitude!

Kerrie MacDonald

My goal was to gain an additional $100,000 in 6 months. With Eva's help, I far exceeded that goal! Thank you, Eva!

Shari Goodwin

I needed someone who was playing a 7-figure game to mentor me! I reached $100,000 in 6 months! You rock my world!

Ellany Lea

I increased my income by an additional $19,200 by adding one group program!

Elizabeth Barbour

I helped more than 180 people in just 2 years! Thank you, Eva!

Susan Sinclair

As seen in...

I know what it feels like to be stuck in a business that isn’t working because I’ve been there.

After struggling for over five years in the software company my other half, Robin, and I had, doing what the “gurus” said to do in order to succeed – to no avail – I discovered the transformative power of Energy Alignment, Law of Attraction and Mindset.

It was only after we started integrating these practices into our software business that we were able to turn things around and go from over $100K in debt and near bankruptcy to a 7-figure bottom line in just nine months.

That was when I knew I had to “get out of high tech” and “into high people” to share what I know with heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Today, my passion is helping coaches, thought leaders, and spiritual entrepreneurs worldwide scale their businesses online to six figures and beyond by attracting high-end clients with premium offers.

But what really sets me apart in my field is how I bring together both the practical and the spiritual, helping my clients create success that aligns with their true purpose.

My unique approach combines the practical, proven step-by-step strategies that are working in today’s ever-changing market with intuitive spiritual awareness.

If you’re ready to take your heart-centered business to the next level, I’d love to help!

While we provide the highest and best level of service, as with any program, Leading Edge Coaching & Training, LLC is unable to make promises or guarantees with respect to any outcome from participation in The AI Advantage. Therefore we cannot and do not guarantee success or any specific level of income or results associated with the services provided. You understand that ultimately you are responsible for your own success in business and that this program is designed to enhance, supplement, and support your business in your efforts to grow. We're also required to tell you that the experiences from past clients are not a promise that you'll generate the same results. These folks were committed to following our lead and doing what it takes to create their success. What we do works - when you work it. Unfortunately, the average person doesn't do that, They don't follow through or implement and therefore get lackluster results. The caliber of folks who work with us understand this. But for those who need it laid out for them, well, this is it.

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